The Inventor and the Tycoon
The Inventor and the Tycoon

“One gallops through this book with undiminished ardor as Ball carefully sculpts prose of bright exuberance.” —Boston Globe


“[A] rousing good yarn at the nexus of industry and art.” —Washington Post


“Engrossing…. Although Muybridge was a chameleon-like figure throughout his life, Ball uses exhaustive research and vivid details to pin him down so we can have a good look at him.” —New York    

    Times Book Review


“Ball has infused the famous and the infamous into a story so large it might as well be fiction.” 

    —Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“This story has all the elements of a fascinating HBO drama—wealth, greed, sex, adultery, genius, betrayal, murder, scandal and tragedy. Ball is an expert himself in kidnapping time and bringing dead men and women back to life.”

    —USA Today                                        


“Fascinating… a beefy and rambunctious history.”  

    —Chicago Tribune

A Gilded Age Murder and the Birth of Moving Pictures