Life of a Klansman
Life of a Klansman

"Ball tells his story with curiosity, disgust, and a sweeping lamp of novelistic imagination, making his tale all the chillier for being so intimate, so intensely realized . . . This is an important work of America’s collective history." 

—John Freeman, Literary Hub 


“Captivating . . . An intimate origin story of the white-supremacist movement . . . [Edward Ball] reconstructs his ancestor’s world and moral insight in a work of novelistic expansiveness . . . .



"[A] resonant tale . . .  [and] a self-searching meditation . . . An illuminating contribution to the literature of race and racism in America." —Kirkus Reviews 


“A deep meditation on the nature of racism [and] white supremacy…. vividly reconstructs the mindset… of an ideological 'whiteness' born of economic interest, racial pseudoscience, and unconscious prejudices.... [A] a clear-eyed work of historical reclamation ... and collective responsibility. 

Publishers Weekly

A Family History in White Supremacy